New GTA 5 Trailer Shows Us All Three Playable Characters, Not Much Gameplay (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Rockstar Games

The new trailer for Grand Theft Auto 5, the second trailer for the game (the first is worth seeing if you still haven’t) just went live. It’s not hyperbole to say GTA 5 is perhaps the most anticipated video game ever, so it’s a safe bet that this trailer is going to be a pretty big deal. What are we waiting for — let’s take you straight to the video:

Looks pretty incredible, right?

Admittedly, what we just saw looks like a lot of cinematic cut scenes and there really doesn’t appear to be much gameplay footage in this trailer. It’s possible, though, that Rockstar has made certain gameplay elements in GTA 5 more cinematic — much like the Uncharted series (note characters leaping from a moving train and dangling from a crane hurtling down the highway).

Late last week, we saw a series of new still images from the game. They didn’t necessarily show us anything we didn’t already know about the game (there are going to be fighter jets!), but they cemented the fact that the scope of the game is going to be massive.

We also heard a quote from the game’s developer indicating that, for the first time in a GTA game, gamers will be able to play not only as the protagonist but also as the antagonist (and a third character, too). The trailer features all three of these characters — they all meet in a parking lot at the 1:30 mark, forming what looks like an uneasy alliance.

As we said last week, this game’s release (spring 2013, apparently) just can’t come soon enough.

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