Penelope Cruz Will Make 2013 a Wonderful Year (PHOTOS)

We offer a lot of love to the “Girls” section here at Manolith, but today we’re turning our attention to a woman.

I genuinely never thought I’d say this, but… I’m following the lead of Campari.

There’s something incomparably intriguing about the slick ads offered by liquor manufacturers. These companies understand that they sell premature aging in a bottle, so they combat this by offering bright colors and beauty that boasts an eternally youthful essence.

Campari will present the beauty of Penelope Cruz for 12 months as part of their 2013 calendar. And it is exactly what you’d hope for if you’re a fan of Penelope Cruz. Which I am. In fact, I may be one of the biggest. But not the biggest — that honor goes to my wife.

This calendar is all class, and no trash.

The 38-year-old Spanish beauty, wife of Javier “I-Can-Do-Anything” Bardem, is a walking advert in and of herself for Spain’s Official Board of Tourism. Don’t believe me? Check these three shots out. Twenty-five percent of your 2013 just got better.

Photo: Campari

January 2013 — unlucky? We think not.

Photo: Campari

You can stand under Penelope’s umbrella in March. So much better than Rihanna’s.

Photo: Campari

… and when October rolls around, Penelope will remind you that it’s time to start wearing pants for autumn and the approaching solstice season.

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