Overly Attached Girlfriend Totally Sold Out (VIDEO)

Photo credit: SamsungMemoryForAll on YouTube

Overly Attached Girlfriend, also known by the real-world name Laina Walker, the intentionally off-putting meme created to creep out males around the world (that actually ended up being pretty endearing and popular) just sold out.

In a video called “Overly Attached Computer” that was posted on one of Samsung’s official YouTube channels earlier today, OAG hawks Samsung’s new solid-state drive. Take a look:

The commercial (let’s be honest, that’s what it is) is the result of OAG pairing with UK marketing agency The Viral Factory. Expecting this video to go viral might be a bit hopeful, though. The lyrics are clever, sure, but the tune is the opposite of catchy and the products being marketed, solid-state drives, don’t exactly have wide-ranging appeal. The conceit of the ad — that OAG literally is your computer and she/it is talking to you — is a little too far “out there.”

Frankly, the pairing of OAG and Samsung is pretty awkward. It’s like Samsung asked for a recent web celebrity it could sign up for relatively little money and didn’t bother to vet the candidates. Perhaps it might have made more sense for OAG to shill for video-monitoring equipment or a person-tracking app.

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