7 Germiest Things You Can Touch

…and probably do on a daily basis.

We know what you’re thinking: Germiest isn’t really a word. Fair enough. We’re busted. But it’s better that we roll with germiest as opposed to diseased, or stank-nastiest. We’re not on a mission to create more agoraphobics here at Manolith.

Before you’re overcome by the germs, a suggestion: It would be a good idea to start carrying a small hand sanitizer with you on a daily basis. They make ones now that are potent, and quite gentle on your hands, so you never have to offer the lizard skin to a co-worker or your sweet lady love.

Now, let’s talk germiest things you can touch. And no, “your balls” is not on the list. But there you have it, an honorable mention.


Photo: EHC Global

Are you aware of the mass amounts of funk on hand rails? Many people traverse stairs without using the railings, but if you’re finding yourself on an escalator, you have hit the germ goldmine. All of those people from every walk of life, some healthy, some straight-up ill, sharing a railing that cycles over, and over, and over again.

Elevator Buttons

Photo: A Marked Man

Are you a city dweller? There’s a good chance you find yourself in an elevator on a regular basis. Those buttons. Bad news. Keep in mind that people have their preferred and dominant finger. The finger which they use for a variety of skills: Nose picking. Wedgie picking. Personal scratching. But hey, when you gotta get to the 12th floor, you gotta get to the 12th floor.


Photo via Asian-Central.com

Be careful at buffets. That’s a lot of hands shuffling through the food you want to eat. Make no mistake, buffets are great, but you should plan your visits around times of infrequent foot traffic: E.g. Weekdays in the afternoon. Ya dig? Or consider the higher end buffets that have attendants at the many stations.


Photo: Discover Magazine

Similar to the elevator buttons, but the ATM quite often means you’re getting tag-teamed. Many ATMs are of the drive-up variety. Anything that has been all over a person’s steering wheel, radio, gear shift, seat belt, visor…well, it’s on their hands now. And their hands are all over the buttons and screen that yours hands are about to be on.

Reusable Grocery Bags

Photo: Custom Grocery Bags

You probably haven’t thought of this one. Many cities have pushed away from the paper or plastic, and are encouraging the use of reusable grocery bags. If you haven’t experienced this yet, the trend is on its way. When you use reusable bags, you gotta wash ’em. They get nasty.

Cell Phone

Photo: Switched

It’s your phone, and it’s probably invisibly nasty. We’ve got our hands all over everything. If you’re a contemporary world citizen, your hands are on your phone multiple times per hour. Give it a good disinfecting wipe down regularly. Those all-surface Chlorox wipes are great.

Gas Pumps

Photo: HowToBeAGermaphobe.com

Bust out that hand sanitizer or wash your hands after using a pump. Just think about this one: How often do you think these things are cleaned? Survey says… Never.

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