L.A. Police Chase Ends with Shooting Captured Live on Air (VIDEO)

***The video below is graphic. Footage captured by a news helicopter***

I got home from a chiropractic appointment to turn this on, and followed it to its devastating conclusion. If there’s one thing I can’t pull myself away from in Los Angeles, it’s car chases on TV. They’ll often make their way very close to my residence, and I’m “that guy” who goes outside to get a closer look. It’s always fascinating to see the suspects driving, looking relaxed…and just completely out of their minds.

I don’t mean to make light. It’s tragic. I suppose criminal psychology is something many of us are interested in.

It looked as if there might be a peaceful resolution–all things considered–but once the first trigger was pulled, it looked more like a scene out of an action movie. Police and Sheriff’s deputies rained shells on the street of a subdivision in the California city of Lancaster, which is about an hour north of Los Angeles, pushing into the high desert.

The suspect had robbed a bank just after it opened, in the city of Santa Clarita–just north of LA.

These scenes are not out of the ordinary here, but the fiascoes ending in shoot-outs–it’s less common than most would imagine. We do make a lot of movies in town, and a lot of people walk around thinking they’re in one, but for the most part, it’s just another place in the world with desperate people. Desperate people who have access to one of the most elaborate freeway systems in the world.

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  1. Did the video get taken down? I don’t see anything.