6 Niche Dating Sites You’ve Never Heard Of

Are you sick of rolling the cart down the same tired aisle of dating websites? You’ve tried eHarmony? Match.com? Zoosk? Even international online dating sites?

There is a great big parallel universe of dating sites that you’ve probably never heard of. These niche sites may be your personal goldmine, so long as you’re into things like cats. Or hardened criminals. We at Manolith remain neutral and non-judgmental, regardless of how weird your dating habits may be.


Image: Meet-an-Inmate.com

You think you’re lonely? Imagine the sweet ladies locked-up in the clink? There is more than one “get to know a prisoner” site–WomenBehindBars.com comes to mind. This could be a great way to say you have a girlfriend, and never have to introduce them to anyone.


Image: CougarLife.com

Ah yeah. Cougars and Cubs. If you like women, as opposed to girls: CougarLife provides the opportunity to go through the site registration as a young man in order to meet “well-seasoned” women.


Image: TheUglyBugBall.com

So you’re not very good looking. Eh. It’s overrated. All of those beautiful women wondering if you’re intelligent and fun to talk to. Nah.  You don’t want that. You realize that you’re aesthetically average. No harm. It takes a big man to state, “I’ve got a lot to offer, just not in the looks department.” Slide any meet and greet intimidation aside at The Ugly Bug Ball. This site caters to the people with “great personalities.”


Image: PositiveSingles.com

By the looks of all those smiling people, this is a dating site for people who are incredibly positive. Not exactly. This is a dating site for people who have tested positive…for an STD. It is a great idea for an online dating site. It’s also a reminder to keep things in the pants without a prior discussion.


Image: Purrsonals.com

Obviously, this site is for cat lovers, where you can share your love for the earthly representation that hell does exist: Cats. Talk about litter, cats copping attitudes, pissing on your bed, dragging dingleberries through the house…all that fun stuff and more.


Image: SeaCaptainDate.com

I’m tempted to call BS on this one. In all fairness, you may have heard of this one. It has a bit of a cult following. Not because the site isn’t legit, but the advertising video below is…well, absurdly fake. It’s chuckle worthy, but… We’ll leave it at that. If you’re a sea captain, or an aspiring pirate, perhaps this is your jam.

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