Awkward Reporter Has No Idea Which Rapper He’s Standing Next To (VIDEO)

Need a good cringe this morning? You’re in luck. This video delivers the goods.

This local news team from WSVN in Miami needed to fill some time in their election coverage, so they threw to reporter Blake Burman, live from the Obama campaign’s election night headquarters, to give viewers an inside look at the kind of people who show up to celebrate an election win.

Burman was visibly starstruck as he attempted to casually note that Wyclef Jean was standing next to him.

One problem: it wasn’t Wyclef Jean.

It wasn’t rapper Wale, either, as Burman incorrectly corrected himself to say.

It was of the Black Eyed Peas, of course, but you already know that because you aren’t a clueless local news reporter.

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