Expect to See More Condoms in Porn in the Future, As Los Angeles Passes Measure B

Photo credit: lasert*ts.com

What will the porn of the future look like? It’s tough to say for sure, but you have to figure that there will be laser boobs, holographic butts and robot penises, right? That is going to be awesome, though we’re probably at least a few years away from a world where laser boobs are a reality.

One thing we know about the immediate future of porn is that there will be a lot more condoms involved.

Yesterday’s election ballots in Los Angeles included a measure, the Safer Sex in the Adult Film Industry Act, asking voters to decide whether porn actors should have to wear condoms. Both sides of the campaign fought hard (pun intended) and, ultimately, the “yes” side prevailed with 55.9 percent of the vote.

The AIDs Healthcare Foundation sponsored the measure after trying for years to get porn stars to practice safe sex while on camera.

“This is a major referendum on the subject of safer sex,” the foundation’s president said.

The new law will require porn studios to purchase a health permit, not unlike the way tattoo parlors are required to pay for permission to operate. Any violators will be subject to fines.

The battle over whether to sheath or not sheath penises may not be over, however. The porn industry has argued that condoms will seriously damage business, as customers don’t want to see penises wrapped in plastic, particularly during oral sex scenes. The porn industry has also argued that its record in preventing HIV infections, despite not using condoms, is exemplary–which proves that testing is far more important than condoms.

This looks like an issue that could go all the way to the Supreme Court. It’s going to be so awesome when those crotchety old judges are forced to watch porn scenes with an without condoms as evidence.

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