Obama’s “Four More Years” Tweet Is Most Retweeted Ever

After he’d locked up the electoral college votes necessary to ensure another term as president, Barack Obama took to Twitter to share his happiness with his millions of followers. After posting a few brief messages thanking his supporters, he ended the night with a post that included only four short words and a photo of him embracing his wife:

Since it was posted at 11:16 p.m. ET last night, the tweet has been retweeted a staggering 641,999 times–and the number is still rising steadily. It is now easily the most retweeted post of all time and looks to be on track to become the first tweet to ever surpass the million retweet mark.

The previous record holder was a post by hamburger chain Wendys, which has been retweeted over 214,000 times:

The Twitter government and politics team noted that people around the world were tweeting at a pace of 327,453 tweets per minute at 11:19 p.m. ET, the time the television networks called the election for Obama. A stunning 31 million tweets were posted on election day.

On Obama’s official Facebook page, the same photo and same “four more years” caption was posted, garnering over 3 million likes already.

Mitt Romney’s last post on Twitter was yesterday afternoon.

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