Man Invents Skittles Sorting Machine; Spoiled Pop Stars Rejoice

A man has invented a machine capable of sorting Skittles candy into different colors.

The inventor of the device, one Brian Egenriether, reportedly built the machine by combining custom epoxy parts with other things he found lying around the house. The device’s funnel came from a hummingbird feeder and several other parts were swapped out of a now completely-useless telescope.

Take that, science!

Here’s how it works: you pour a bag of Skittles (you choose the exciting flavor: Tropical, Wild Berry, Original Fruit, Sours, etc.) into the hummingbird funnel and watch in amazement as the device methodically distributes each piece into a separate bowl.

Shockingly, this world-changing invention was completed about six months ago but has only recently begun making its way through the Interweb’s many tubes.

Watch the video to see how Egenriether’s invention works.

In other news, an election was held today.

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3 Responses to Man Invents Skittles Sorting Machine; Spoiled Pop Stars Rejoice

  1. What if I accidentally drop in a bag of M&M’s? Will it sort that too? LMAO, the stupid inventions some ppl waste there spare time on inventing. Why not use that great scientific engendering you have to invent something to benefit society n not day dreams a 8 year old has.

    • Blaine Jackson says:

      Perhaps you should think a little broader. There are many inventions which have been adapted to other uses. Next week, someone may find a very needed use for this machine.
      Don’t dismiss persons who like to spend their time on things you do not understand. Did you read about the 14 year old who built a nuclear reactor in his garage?

  2. Couldn’t you just call the Skittles people and ask to buy them in bulk, before they mix them all up?