Brad Bird for ‘Star Wars 7’ Director – A Campaign Commercial We Can All Get Behind? (VIDEO)

If the numbers people are to be believed, Barack Obama has today’s election in the bag. We’re all safe to look ahead to a more important process than electing the leader of the free world: figuring out who will direct the next Star Wars movie.

As most are now aware, Disney dropped a cool $4 billion to buy Lucasfilm from George Lucas and then immediately announced plans to produce a seventh Star Wars film. Most Star Wars fans jumped with joy at this news. If there’s any studio out there that knows how to bring Star Wars back to its glory days, it’s Disney.

And, if there’s any director with the perfect vision for Star Wars Episode 7 and beyond, it’s anyone other than George Lucas. With that crucial step taken care of, who should actually be handed the reigns of perhaps the most beloved film franchise of all time?

The video above states its case for director Brad Bird. Bird certainly has a resume worthy of Luke, Han and the others. Though it’s perhaps a bit of a stretch when the video notes that Bird has “never done anything wrong in the history of ever” (The Incredibles is overrated) it’s definitely fair to say that his filmography is impressive.

Still, do we even know if Bird wants to take on the project? Does he have a vision for Star Wars? Is he even a fan of the franchise?

It’s probably too early to start talking about specific names to attach to the Star Wars 7 project, but it is kinda fun to do it nonetheless.

The next director’s career could literally be destroyed by not producing a quality Star Wars film, so it will need to be someone with a heck of a lot of confidence. Ridley Scott (Prometheus), perhaps? Joss Whedon (The Avengers)? Joe Johnston (Captain America)? Matthew Vaughn (X-Men: First Class)?

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  1. “Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol” was a steaming pile of shite. I don’t know that it was Brad’s fault, but it’s certainly not a plus on his resume.