The 10 Stupidest Donald Trump Tweets of the Past Hour

Photo credit: Sara Jaye Weiss

Donald Trump has been extremely active on Twitter in the past week or so. From challenging Barack Obama to reveal his passport applications and college records (and offering the vague promise that he would donate money to charity if said records met his “satisfaction”) to tossing childish insults at billionaire and NBA franchise owner Mark Cuban, Trump is rapidly emerging as the first true super-villain of this millennium.

Everyone can see that Trump is a pathetic attention whore, but he just keeps tweeting nonsense. With every ironic retweet he gets, you just know that his oblivious smugness grows.

Today, on election day, Trump is taking things to the next level. In the last hour, he’s tweeted ten times. Our crack team of experts has poured over those ten tweets and passionately debated the merits of each of them. Now, at long last (it was actually only about three minutes), we are ready to unveil our list.

Without further ado, here are the ten stupidest Donald Trump tweets from the past hour (3:00 p.m. ET to 4:00 p.m. ET on November 6, 2012):

10. Trump claims Obama supporters are threatening voters with guns

9. Trump touts his appearance on the least relevant radio program in the country

8. Trump makes a promise Romney can’t keep

7. Trump reminds us all of that one time he did the dumbest thing he’s ever done

6. Trump falls back to an old favorite: scare tactics not based in fact

5. Trump is like your mom–always looking out for you

4. Trump was engaging in a Twitter fight with a billionaire yesterday–so much better for Sandy victims!

3. Trump ignores the fact that there is only one report of a voting machine changing votes and it was the other way around

2. Trump makes it clear that harassment from Romney supporters is simply impossible, so it’s not necessary to report it

1. Trump really tweeted this

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21 Responses to The 10 Stupidest Donald Trump Tweets of the Past Hour

  1. Who gives the rat’s ass on trumps head. I only read this because I’m waiting for coffee.


  3. donald trump just needs to shut his stupid mouth………..i think ol trumpy need mental help….maybe if he goes to da hospital they will give him the help he needs, [ i know i wouldnt ]….so mr frump SHUT UP

  4. I agree with Pat n Jim, no one gives a rats ass about Trump, I’m only reading cause I can’t fall asleep after work n Trump does need serious help…..can u say psycho billionaire stalker type lmao

  5. Wonder if there’s an element of racism with the donald.

    • George Harley Freeman says:

      I better hold back my personal opine of Donnie Trump. But would like to see Trump stripped naked (no wig) and left on an Indian reservation with a sign around his neck that says “I hate Indians and people of color.” LOL

  6. Donald has flipped his wig!! ha ha ha ha Trump reminds me of my father, as dementia set in. Paranoia, saying crazy, outlandish things, fearful, aggressiveness, tantrums, losing grip on reality. One commentator last night remarked after Trump’s “revolution” comment, “why is Homeland Security not on their way to Trump’s door?” lolololol

  7. Mr Trump, if it all that bad move to another country. OPPs than you could not be a billionaire full of HOT AIR. Stupid does what stupid is

  8. For goodness sake Trump….shup up….you foolish ole irrelevant silly dumbas

  9. Trump just keeps proving what a racist, misogynistic, immature, idiot he really is. Why hasn’t he demanded birth certificates, passport apps, college transcripts, and everything under the sun, from ANY of the other candidates or elected officials? I still don’t understand why any of the media gives him any air time or space in their papers and websites. Why do they keep feeding his deranged ego? This man, (or should I say little boy) is like a fast growing fungus that just won’t go away. God, please take his voice and ability to write away from him! We all know you didn’t give him any empathy, common sense, or a brain to speak of!! Help us out here to get this cancer removed!!!

    • All the “money” in the “world” = alot of power, so he can say what he wants and if it gets too offensive he will pay a small fee if any and then hop right back on Obama’s coat tell…. Misery loves company and Donald certainly seems to be miserable, wow a lethal combo: rich+ miserable+bored+racist= D. trump

    • Jovita McBroom says:

      Why does Trump figure that he knows it all He is so stupid…To think he wants to be president…..Don’t worry world….It will never happen…….

    • Maybe because thay aren’t hiding it like our fearless leader
      Nah it can’t be that easy

  10. Bozo is not dead, he is in protective disguise as the Donald.

  11. Barbara Reilly says:

    Donny boy you are an absolute idiot. You may have money, but what you don”t have is compassion, class,respectfrom others. You are severely narssacistis almost tp he point of being psychotic. You’re one scary nitwit dude. Guess the election showed you can’t by everything. Americans are sick to death of ignorant celeb blowhards. Don take your sorry ass and ridculous hair job to a therapist. Maybe you’ll be committed t. Now shut the hell up and keep your lying mouth, and get yourself to a Mental Health Facility .

  12. Trump has become the metaphorical crazy old uncle at family functions. Half crazy, uninhibited, demented, often racist and/or misogynistic and totally irrelevant. Just occupying a chair and drooling on himself.

  13. Rick Mitchell says:

    Wow. If Romey won the election then Donna…..err Donald would say that Obama would not answer MY REQUESTS therefore I singlely won the election for Willard. LOL

  14. You had your chance to run and help fix the problems in washington,you let everyone down, now you cry out for attention. Too little too late.

  15. donald

    you’re fired

  16. What’s wrong Donnie old boy? Mad because now you might have to pay some Taxes?? Dude you are a Billionaire, you should at the least throw in a 100million to pay off the debt of this country…….. We have had to listen to you cry over and over again……. you need to understand, You can not take the money with you when you die……..

  17. Donald, could you please look in the mirror and tell the man that is looking back at you that he is fired? Thanks.