Dirty Women’s Soccer Player Drills Opponent in the Face With the Ball Not Once, But Twice (VIDEO)

It’s not often that the Manolith team brings you video from the world of women’s sports, but we’re about to do it for the second time in under a month.

Last time, we found what has to be the greatest play in women’s field hockey history, proving that even a sport that goes completely unnoticed for 365 days a year can occasionally produce jaw-dropping plays.

This time, we’ve found a play that involves significantly less athleticism. Remember Elizabeth Lambert, the dirty New Mexico soccer player who punched, kicked and pulled the hair of her opponents and rose to national infamy?

It looks like Lambert has some competition for the title of Dirtiest Women’s Soccer Player.

Check out this video from some kind of women’s soccer game somewhere in the U.S. (it looks like collegiate soccer, but it’s not clear in the description). In the video, the player in white (number 27) throws the ball directly into her opponent’s face not once, but twice. She tries to pass it off as an accident, but no one is buying it.

That’s diiiiirty.

The ref appears to give the player in white some kind of card, but it doesn’t look like a red card because she doesn’t leave the field. You get the feeling a suspension is in her future, though.

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