Scientist Launches New Way to NOT Find Bigfoot


Bigfoot (from the ground). Photo: Wikipedia

In the decades-old (and so far fruitless) quest to  discover the mythical man-ape Bigfoot, researchers have tried everything from setting baited traps to tromping about in oversized, foot-shaped boots.

But a blimp? This is new.

A professor of anthropology and anatomy from Idaho State University (possible school slogan: “Sure, We’ll Fund That!”) is launching an aerial quest, via blimp, above the wilds of the American west in search of Bigfoot, or perhaps even Bigfeet.

Prof. Jeffrey Meldrum — who is apparently immune to the snickering of fellow faculty members — plans to equip a dirigible with heat-sensing cameras and float it above densely forested mountain ranges said to be inhabited by the beast.

According to Reuters, the newfangled floating technology will assist in the search because, Meldrum insists, Bigfoot is both elusive and nocturnal, making on-the-ground expeditions especially tricky.

While it seems unlikely that the aerial search will uncover proof-positive of the beast’s existence (since no previous search has done so), it’s expected that Prof. Meldrum will henceforth have an amazing view of Idaho State University football games.

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2 Responses to Scientist Launches New Way to NOT Find Bigfoot

  1. Nokyoung Xayasane
    Nokyoung Xayasane says:

    Haha, a blimp? What’ll they fund next…

  2. YES! This is officially the stupidest idea I have heard ALL YEAR LONG!!!!