Riley Cooper ‘Hides’ in the End Zone for a Ridiculous Trick Play (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Chris Graythen / Getty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles attempted one of the most bizarre trick plays in NFL history during the team’s game against the New Orleans Saints last night on Monday Night Football.

Eagles receiver Riley Cooper literally lay flat in the end zone as his teammate fielded a kickoff. Though Cooper’s white jersey and pants stood out against the green and black field, he was apparently somewhat camouflaged to the Saints players running down the field to defend the kickoff return. With no one around him, Cooper stood up, caught a lateral from his teammate and took the ball 93 yards for a touchdown.

The only problem with the play is that the lateral wasn’t a lateral. The referees judged it to be a forward pass and threw a flag. The trick play was for naught and the touchdown was called back.

Still, you have to give Eagles coach Andy Reid and his staff some credit for crafting such a clever gadget play. Though his Eagles are out of the playoff picture and he’s now just weeks from being fired, Reid is still willing to open up his bag of tricks–perhaps he feels like he has to, out of desperation.

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