Is ‘Boy Meets World’ Coming Back to TV? Disney Will Make It Happen

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Sweet 1990s, please say this is true! Ben Savage may be back in his role as Cory Matthews, married to the lovely Topanga Lawrence-Matthews, played by Danielle Fishel.

The rumors have given way to buzz, and the buzz has led to nothing but more rumors, but as it stands:

Disney has approached the former stars of Boy Meets World to pitch a spin-off entitled Girl Meets World. When we left Cory and Topanga, they were a young married couple–that was over 12 years ago.

Disney brass thinks it’s high time they combine their tween monopoly with a 90s sit-com classic to get suckers like me to watch shows with their pre-teen daughters. Why? Because Cory and Topanga would have a pre-teen daughter!?

This may be one step above the Disney acquisition of Lucas Arts. Star Wars sells. But selling a Disney Channel sit-com to Generations X and Y?

As an onlooker, you have to wonder: Do these actors want to dust these characters off, and take them in a new direction, or would this serve as a resignation to the pursuit of other potential roles. Roles which have been thin for Savage and Fischel over the past decade.

I think they gotta do it. And I think Disney’s gotta offer a contract to Will Friedle to come back as the moderately clueless family member.

Who else is ready to see this happen?

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