You Need to See Chuck Pagano’s Inspirational Speech After the Colts Beat the Dolphins (VIDEO)

Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano is battling cancer, but that hasn’t stopped him from providing in-person inspiration to his players. After the Colts beat the Miami Dolphins 23-20 yesterday, Pagano delivered a speech to in the locker room that would give anyone chills.

This wasn’t your typical “rah rah, do it for the guys” football speech. These were words from the mouth of a man who is literally fighting for his life. They are truly something to behold.

With Pagano hospitalized, the Colts have become a closer and better team. A huge part of their success this year has been rookie quarterback Andrew Luck. The No. 1 overall pick has lived up to the hype–and more. He currently has exactly as many passing yards as the man legend he replaced, Peyton Manning. And, more importantly, exactly as many wins.

Against the Dolphins, Luck passed for a staggering 433, the most ever by a rookie in a single game. The Colts were 13 of 19 on third down and Luck picked apart the Dolphins secondary with the precision of a surgeon.

The Colts look like they are on their way to the playoffs, just a year removed from being the worst team in the league. Though they won’t catch the Houston Texans for the division title, they have a Wild Card berth in their sights.

In the words of Pagano, “it’s already beat.”

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