Chris Brown Dresses as a Terrorist For Halloween, Somehow Becomes A Bigger Douchebag (PHOTOS)

Chris Brown is the world’s leading douchebag and it’s not even close. All the other giant douches–Dane Cook, Fred Durst, John Mayer, this guy–are just battling for second place. Brown’s douche resume is just ridiculous. We’re talking about the guy who beat up Rihanna, never really showed any remorse and, in fact, sort of bragged about it. He then went out and got a tattoo of a beaten and battered woman on his neck. That’s just next-level douchebaggery.

There’s still one realm where Brown’s deplorableness has yet to reach, however: racism. At least, it hadn’t reached there until yesterday.

For Halloween, Brown and friends (yes, he somehow has friends) dressed up as a group of ridiculously stereotypical Middle Eastern terrorists. Take a look:

Photo credit: f*ckyopictures on Instagram

Making this story even crazier is the fact that the party Brown was attending when he wore this getup was Rihanna’s birthday party. Yes, the woman he repeatedly punched in the face really has allowed him back into her life.

Photo credit: Splash News

Who is running Brown’s PR? The guy is a big star in the music world, so he can’t possibly be running solo. What is the conversation that happens before Brown puts up a robe and fake beard and (probably) starts talking in a super racist Arab accent?

Publicist: So… Chris… let’s talk about Halloween. Maybe you can go as PSY. Everyone loves that guy. We’ll get you a tuxedo with a high collar… maybe cover up that bloody woman you decided to permanently add to your neck. Or, how about Bane? Everyone is gonna be dressed as Bane this year. Might be nice for you to just sort of blend in with the crowd for once…

Brown: Nah, man. Imma go as something everyone in America definitely wants to see and think about–a terrorist! Imma wave a gun around and talk like this, “AY-YI-YI-YI-YI!”

Publicist: *cries softly*

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