Stupid Sexy Flanders Costume Is A Late Contender For Best Halloween Costume (PHOTOS)

Photo credit: halloweenieaway on Reddit

“Sexy” Halloween costumes take a lot of flack and it’s certainly true that it doesn’t take much creativity for young women to throw on a short skirt, a low-cut top and some kind of hat and say that she’s dressed as a sexy schoolgirl/nurse/sailor/pirate/Big Bird. Every year, there are a flood of blog posts in which the writers gripe at how uncreative “sexy” costumes are and wish for them to all be burned in a fire (though, curiously, you don’t hear a lot of guys complaining about sexy costumes when they are at a Halloween party and around women actually wearing them).

Today, I bring you the rare instance of a costume that is both sexy and creative. Some brilliant woman (at least, I hope it’s a woman under there) strapped on a skin-tight, red and blue ski outfit to go as “stupid sexy Flanders” from this beloved Simpsons scene:

Here’s the full body shot of the costume:

So good, right?

It’s probably safe to say that she (or he–again, we don’t know who’s under there) did her fair share of butt wiggling that day.

Photo credit: The Simpsons

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