This Car-Sized AT-AT Costume Wins Halloween (PHOTOS)

All photos credited to: stkmach on

A Halloween costume bigger than a car might make going door to door difficult, but the few houses that you do manage to visit are sure to give you all their candy.

That seems to be the strategy that this guy employed when he decided to “do something big” in 2012. In an article posted on the DIY site Instructables, a user by the name of stkmach outlines how he managed to build a two person AT-AT costume (the technical name of the Imperial Walkers from Star Wars) that’s bigger than a car.

The frame of the costume is made from PVC piping and, from the looks of things, some duct tape:

Both the people inside the costume to wear makeshift stilts, which were created out of 2×4’s, 2×6’s, buckets and old tennis shoes:

The “skin” of the costume was made from corrugated plastic, which is the same stuff that politicians make their campaign signs out of. It was painted to resemble the grey steel of an AT-AT:

Almost finished:

The last step involved painting details on the costume and adding some material to the legs. In a moment of pure genius, stkmach thought to hang a Luke Skywalker figure from the belly of the AT-AT, recreating this famous scene from The Empire Strikes Back. So awesome:

All told, the costume stands 10 feet tall and measures in at 12 feet from front to back. Unless someone really steps up and posts a truly remarkable costume later today, you have to figure that this is Halloween 2012’s very best costume.

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