The Best Disney-Lucasfilm Photoshops So Far (PHOTOS)

As we reported yesterday, Disney has reached a deal to purchase Lucasfilm Ltd. from founder George Lucas for a cool $4 billion. This means that, for the first time, ownership of the Star Wars franchise will be in the hands of someone other than the man whom many believe has driven it into the ground. Disney has already announced that its working on a seventh Star Wars film and is targeting a 2015 release date. They don’t mess around over at Disney.

The prospect of a Disney Star Wars movie has fans buzzing. Some are thrilled at the idea of someone–anyone–other than Lucas getting to make the movie. This could be just what the franchise needs! On the other hand, many fans are wondering whether a company like Disney, best-known for animated films for children, is well-suited to guide the next generation of Star Wars.

Star Wars fans are known for asserting ownership over the franchise they know and love. They create fan fiction, fan art and dress up as their favorite characters more than any other fan-base in the world. Already, they have started producing images that incorporate classic Disney elements into the Star Wars universe. Most are tongue-in-cheek (there’s no way we’re going to see the Death Star in the sky above the Disney castle), but they are cool to see nonetheless. Finally, there is renewed hope and excitement surrounding Star Wars.

Below, the best of the Disney-Lucasfilm Photoshops–so far:

Han Solo with “ANDY” on his shoe, like Woody in Toy Story

Photo credit: Speeedo on Reddit

The newest Disney princess

Photo credit: lains-experiment on Reddit

When you wish upon a Death Star

Photo credit: DingGratz on Reddit

Mickey in the Tatooine sky

Photo credit: mehatch on Reddit

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