10 Pumpkins That Are So Much More Awesome Than Your Pumpkin (PHOTOS)

Pumpkin carving is an art. A lot of us think we’re really good at it, but we can’t even come close to competing at the highest levels of Jack-o’-lantern masterpieces. Want to feel some pumpkin envy? Take a look at some of these incredible carve-jobs:

10. Pumpktris

Yep, this is playable Tetris inside a pumpkin. You use the stem as the joystick. So rad.

Video credit: Nathan Pryor on YouTube


9. Krang


Krang is made out of a watermelon here, which is damn genius.

Photo credit: #MikeVDesign

8. Big Daddy

Look at that precision carving. It doesn’t break all the way through, but still lets the light pass. Very impressive.

Photo credit: lithiumflame on Imgur

7. Goblin

When you remove all the skin and you’re basically just carving pumpkin flesh, you know you’re on another level.

Photo credit: Emypea555 on Reddit

6. Walter White

You knew a Breaking Bad pumpkin would be badass. You just knew it.

Photo credit: ZsaFreigh on Reddit

5. Restored Jesus

Don’t get this joke? You are missing out on one of the funniest stories of the year.

Photo credit: bigbandbuddha on Reddit

4. Iron Man

The glowing eyes are just perfect.

Photo credit: Unknown

3. Barack Obama

Had to get some kind of political pumpkin into this list. It’s an election year, after all.

Photo credit: Unknown

2. Predator

The toothpicks are a nice touch.

Photo credit: Ray Villafane

1. Football helmet

The expression on the face here is just insane. Tartist who made this one (and the Predator one above) has carved so many incredible pumpkins that he could fill this whole list twice over. Go check out his work. It will blow your mind to goo.

Photo credit: Ray Villafane

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