Teen Hits Jackpot, Find Whiskey in His Mountain Dew (VIDEO)

Marcus Olson, a 13-year-old living in Washington state, hit the jackpot when he took a sip of the bottle of Mountain Dew he had purchased. It tasted bitter–because it was full of whiskey. Seriously. This story is the stuff teenage dreams are made of. A full bottle of booze without having to steal it from your parents or procure a fake I.D.

Then, Marcus blew it. He told his mom all about it.

She grabbed the bottle, took a sniff and immediately knew what was up.

Of course, the family is pursuing legal action. The mother, Marie Grant, says that Pepsi and the store where the bottle of purported Dew was purchased are both giving her the run-around.

“They say ‘Well, send us in a bottle, here’s some coupons for free Pepsi products and oops.’ Safeway, I got a letter from their human resources, and they say they aren’t accountable for anything. [They say] that it is a vendor issue and to deal with them,” she told King 5 News in Washington.

It’s still unclear how the whiskey got into the bottle. The family says that the bottle was sealed when they purchased it, though there is no proof that that claim is legitimate. Other bottles at the store were investigated and no whiskey was found (no gin, rum or vodka, either).

Grant says that she and her son plan to stop buying doing the Dew.

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