Guy Jogs Through Hurricane in a Horse Mask (VIDEO)

Video credit: NBC 4

This guy is my hero. When a hurricane threatens to ruin your week–and your Halloween–you can’t let it win. You need to go out, grab life by the balls and get full value out of that horse mask you just bought.

For this guy, that means jogging shirtless through a hurricane (to be fair, it looks like just a light rain in this video) and getting on television. So awesome.

It also means going home, seeing yourself on the news and celebrating your epic win:

Photo credit: HowtoJimmyK on Reddit

As the reporter says, you can either be scared during a hurricane or you can have a sense of humor about it. This guy’s sense of humor is the best.

We’ll see if he’s still jogging when the high winds hit. But, for now, he’s having fun with it and we salute him for it. Kudos, mysterious horse-headed jogging man.

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