Instacane Is The Best Source For Live Hurricane Sandy Photos

Every news outlet on the continent has posted an item this morning featuring one or more jaw-dropping photos of Hurricane Sandy and the frightening damage the storm has begun to inflict. Whether its that crazy NASA photo of what Sandy looks like from space that everyone is retweeting or a more intimate photo of the destruction Sandy is doing at the local level, it’s clear that images of the storm will tell its story over the next few days–on social media sites, at least.

Making it even easier for the world to get a close look at first-hand experiences of Sandy is, a website that aggregates images posted to Instagram and tagged with hashtags related to the storm (#hurricane, #sandy, etc.). The site was actually created last year to give the world a glimpse at the social sharing that took place around Hurricane Irene, but its focus has now shifted to Sandy.

If you visit Instacane right now, you’ll see a stream of photos of people either out in the rain, snapping pictures of the weather (including some very scary shots of high winds and flooding) or at home, bearing down for what could be a lengthy time without power. It’s a fascinating look inside the lives of people affected by what could be one of the most damaging storms of all time. New photos are being posted continuously, so keep hitting refresh and you’ll keep seeing new photos.

Below, a few of the most interesting photos posted to Instacane within the last few minutes.

Photo credit: meetingpeopleiseasy on Instagram

Photo credit: bencouch10 on Instagram

Photo credit: zacknasti on Instagram

Photo credit: classicylady on Instagram

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