Jumping Over A Moving Car Doesn’t Always Go As Planned (VIDEO)

Video credit: cjetboy on YouTube

Though still rare, stories of passed-over athletes who got a second chance at competing at the highest levels thanks to “audition” videos they posted on YouTube are starting to become more commonplace. Most notably, quarterback Alex Tanney played his college football for the Division III Monmouth College Fighting Scots–not exactly a premier college program–but he managed to get a tryout with the Buffalo Bills thanks to an impressive trick shot video he posted on YouTube. There have been a few similar stories of viral YouTube highlight videos leading to tryouts in recent years.

Unfortunately, YouTube highlight videos don’t always work out as planned.

Bladimir Barreto is a 19 year-old high school football player from Palm Bay, Florida. At least, he was a football player. Barreto was making a YouTube highlight video to send to NCAA recruiters, in hopes of playing college football, when an athletic stunt he was performing went seriously wrong.

Barreto tried to jump over a moving car, but he was clipped by the vehicle and launched into the air. He broke both his arm and his leg in the incident and had to be air-lifted to the hospital.

“He’s lucky that it wasn’t worse than what it was,” said a spokesperson for the Palm Bay Police Department.

“He wanted to play football and move on, he’s just undersized. He’s a small guy that was blessed with speed,” said Barreto’s high school coach. Barreto is just 5’5″ and wasn’t seen by college football programs as a player worth recruiting.

Criminal charges are pending against the driver of the car, Barreto’s 17-year-old brother. Reportedly, he was driving without a valid license.

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  1. James Sheldon
    James Sheldon says:

    Yep. That’s some sheer idiocy right there. I do feel for the guy, though. It’s tough to let go of things that you love so much. Perhaps looking into a JC with a team? Walking on? Not trying to jump over a car?