5 Disgusting Dishes to Cook Up for Your Halloween Party (PHOTOS)

Got invited to a Halloween party this weekend with the requirement that you bring a snack? Don’t be the lazy dick who brings a bag of chips or candy. Spend 30 minutes making a gross, Halloween-themed dish and bask in the glory of all your friends posting pictures of your creation to Facebook and Instagram.

Some easy ideas:

5. Meat Head

MakeProjects.com has complete instructions for how to make this awesome head that looks like it’s had all its skin sliced off. Basically, you just need a plastic skull (obtainable at most party supplies stores) and some sliced ham.

Photo credit: Andy Oakland / Make Projects

4. Kitty Litter Cake

There’s nothing specific about this recipe that screams “Halloween,” but when else are you going to get an opportunity to almost literally serve cat sh*t to your friends? AllRecipes.com has the instructions for how to assemble it. Basically, you just need some cake mix, some chocolate pudding and some white cookies to crumble on top. Easy as pie cake.

Photo credit: AllRecipes.com

3. Dead Baby Punch

This one couldn’t be much easier. Just mix some soda, ice and a dismembered doll parts in a bowl. Serve with a ladle.

Photo credit: ThePhoenix.com

2. Dried Scabs

This one’s even easier than the dead baby punch. Just throw some torn-up beef jerky or some dried cranberries on a plate and label them as scabs. Drizzle some strawberry syrup on if you want to make things a bit bloodier.

Photo credit: JaimeeRose.com

1. Puking Pumpkin Dip

Carve a pumpkin. Buy or make some dip (guacamole works well). Buy some chips, too. Assemble everything. That’s it.

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