Zombie Creme Eggs Wreak Havoc on Halloween in Awesome Series of Ads (VIDEOS)

Photo credit: The Hive

When you’re a candy company that produces a seasonal product that’s synonymous with one particular holiday, you do everything that you can to expand your market. That’s exactly what the Marshmallow Peeps people did with their line of Halloween Peeps, and it’s exactly what Cadbury has now done with its beloved Easter Creme Eggs.

Photo credit: CremeEggCanada on YouTube

Normal Creme Eggs are filled with sugary, white and yellow filling–just like a real egg–but the new, cleverly-named Screme Eggs are packed with green ooze.

Toronto-based ad agency The Hive created an awesome series of stop-motion ads to introduce the new Screme Eggs to the Canadian market.

In the commercials, the eggs live out classic zombie movie scenarios. It’s not all frightening stuff, though. The cuteness factor is turned way up, as the only sound the eggs can make is a high-pitched “goo!”

Take a look:

No word on whether the horde of zombie eggs will travel south to take over the U.S. market, but it looks like a good possibility.

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