Flo Rida Commissioned The Ugliest Football Uniforms Ever For His Alma Mater (PHOTO)

Rapper Flo Rida attended Carol City High in Miami, Florida, and it’s difficult to tell how he feels about his old school. One the one hand, he just invested a bunch of his time and money giving the football team at Carol City High brand-new uniforms. On the other hand, they are quite possibly the ugliest uniforms in football history.

Seriously. There have been some pretty bad football uniforms over the years (like the pink and orange worn by the World Football League’s Southern California Sun), but these just might be the worst.

Reportedly, Flo Rida saw the recent “neon nightmare” uniforms unveiled by rival Atlantic High in Delray and got jealous. If you missed those uniforms, all you need to know is that sports uniform expert Paul Lukas had a few choice words for them:

While most of the country was puking in their mouths after seeing those lime green monstrosities, Flo Rida was apparently licking his lips with anticipation. He contacted the company responsible for producing them, Futuristic Woo, and hired them to make new uniforms for his alma mater.

This is the result:

Photo credit: Futuristic Woo

Ho-lee crap. Those are ridiculous. There is a giant chief head splashed across the front of the pants! The number font is damn-near illegible. The helmet design is so busy that it’s hard for your eyes to focus on it even in a crystal-clear rendering like the one above. There appears to be some sort of sublimated leopard-print pattern going on in the shoulder area.

What a mess. Unless, of course, you’re the kind of person who likes uniforms that are so ridiculous they make you want to rip out your eyes.

No word on what another rap star who attended Carol City High, Rick Ross, thinks of the new duds. He’s not really a fan of shirts, so he probably won’t be getting a jersey to wear in support of the team any time soon.

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