Charles Barkley Reads List of Penis Euphemisms in Ad for Weight Watchers for Men (VIDEO)

It’s weird enough that Weight Watchers for Men is a thing, and it’s very weird that Charles Barkley would star in the commercial for such a thing, but it’s the content of this commercial that’s downright bizarre. Are they saying that losing weight somehow causes your penis to grow? Because it really seems like that’s what they are saying.

“For every 35 pounds you lose, you may gain an extra inch of…”

Yep, that’s exactly what Mr. Voiceover Man said.

I’m no scientist, but I’m pretty damn sure that going on a diet doesn’t cause your penis to grow. Puberty causes your penis to grow. Those weird pumps cause your penis to (temporarily and painfully) grow. Eating low-fat entrees has absolutely no effect on penises.

I guess maybe they’re trying to say that shrinking the size of your gut makes your penis appear bigger (and, in cases of huge guts, makes it visible in the first place). That’s a dubious claim, but I guess there’s probably some truth behind it. Making your penis slightly more visible is a heck of a lot different than getting it to actually grow by an inch, though.

If you’re fat, by all means you should go on a diet. Healthy living is something we should all strive for. Do it for the right reasons, though. Do it for your heart. Do it for your knees and back. Do it for your long-term quality of life. Don’t do it because of some crazy promise that it will give you a bigger penis. Not even if Charles Barkley said so.

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  1. Actually, some guys gain weight not just in their “gut”, but in the area below the gut that surrounds the penis. Eventually the base of the shaft becomes surrounded by fat, effectively reducing its “usable” length.

    But like you said, do it for the other reasons too 🙂