Pee-Wee Football Game Ends On Ridiculous, Boneheaded Play (VIDEO)

I feel a bit bad about sharing this video of an absolutely ridiculous ending to a pee-wee football game. After all, these kids are just fifth-graders and they don’t deserve to be mocked.

Still, this video is just too crazy not to share. As you can see at the start of the video, the red team is trailing the green team with just seconds left in the game. The green team squib-kicks to the red team (or maybe that’s just how far the kicker can boot it) and the red team races out of bounds, preserving two seconds on the clock for one final play.

The red quarterback reaches back and unloads a 13-yard Hail Mary pass, which is promptly intercepted. Unfortunately, the green player who picked off the ball starts his celebration a little bit too early.

The rest, as you can see, is history. Chaotic history.

Some of the coaches and players seemed to take the loss a little too seriously, like #90 at the 0:38 second of the video (he seems like he might need some anger management classes when he’s older).

Come on, kids… heed the advice of the shrill-voiced woman in the video (“are you serious?”) and take things a bit less seriously–it’s just a game.

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  1. Christian Griffin says:

    What’s up with the basketball Buzzer? Football uses whistles to end the games.

    Get rid of the buzzer.