Windows 8: The Worst Operating System Ever?

Microsoft’s newest operating system ships this Friday: October 26. But, you know what? I’m guessing you might just hate it.

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In recent weeks Microsoft has been pushing Windows 8 like crazy. TV advertisements make the OS appear easy to use thanks to the introduction of a new “tile-based” system that supposedly makes it simple to navigate the operating system on a touchscreen device.

But what about the vast majority of people who continue to use desktop and laptop computers? Will this OS be a breeze to use, or not so much?

Early impressions suggest it might be a pain in the butt.

“It was very difficult to get used to,” noted one customer in a recent interview with Canada’s CTV. “I have an 8-year-old and a 10-year-old, and they never got used to it. They were like, ‘We’re just going to use Mom’s computer.”‘

Presumably, Mom’s computer is running Windows 7 or even the much older Windows Vista. Heck, it might even by plodding along on Windows XP, the ten-year-old operating system that remains extremely popular with computer users around the world.

So, what’s the deal? Why is Microsoft making such a bold change in the way the world’s leading operating system operates?

Most experts believe it’s an attempt by Microsoft to win its share of very lucrative tablet and smartphone markets. PC sales are declining because many people are opting to use these kinds of (cheaper) devices to access the Internet.

But that won’t make traditional PC users happy, particularly if Windows 8 proves to be difficult to use on their laptops and desktops.

“I am very worried that Microsoft may be about to shoot itself in the foot spectacularly,” said Cera Technology CEO, Michael Mace.

So, what do you guys think? Is Microsoft making a huge mistake with Windows 8?

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18 Responses to Windows 8: The Worst Operating System Ever?

  1. Douglas Pulsifer says:

    Perhaps for the younger generations who have a world of opportunity windows 8 will evolve into a very important OS. As for myself, computing is just my hobby (one that I love) I have chosen to stop myself at the windows 7 level. I hope MS continues to support win7 for a long time.
    I am not into smart phones or ipads or any kind of communications device i need outside my residence, with the exception of my old prepaid cell phone. It does miraculous things (it actually makes a phone call without being a programmer). I wish everyone well with Win8, but I feel most will have some serious growing pains. Boy it is nice to be retired :).

  2. It’d be revolutionary for Microsoft! Apparently, Microsoft already made their move in showing us their creativeness in a ambitiously way. Well I dare say after several years people around you will still be using Windows 8 for their everyday computing. It’s just not gonna be like Windows Vista. One word, transforming.

  3. This has nothing to do with older or younger generations and everything to do with a complete mismatch of software for the task at hand. If you are working or doing a school project or spreadsheets or even a word doc the following basic tenents apply:
    You want to be using a mouse and keyboard
    You want a pretty good idea of what your OS is up to
    You don’t want to be mucking around with tiles and crazy pop up apps
    You want security peace of mind (no one has a clue with Win8 is up to)

    In a nutshell it boils down to playing on your phone is completely different to work and study. Even school kids recognise this fundamental difference. Microsoft has assumed (and pissed of about 3 Billion people incl me) that we all play on our computers. I’m an accountant. Everything I want to do I can do on my PC. So if I have everything I want and it does the job why do I want something that is a giant pain in the butt? In effect tuhy are trying to turn the PC into an iPad. That’s fine. I’ll switch to Linux and open office.

  4. Lawrence Hearn says:

    I bought a new laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed a week ago. I promised my old Win7 laptop to someone and fulfilled my promise immediately. I wish I had it back. 2 of the most important things for me is a START MENU and access to the BOOT MENU so that I can dual boot with Linux/Ubuntu. Win8 has neither. I quickly found online software to reinstall a START MENU, but getting access to the BOOT MENU to install UBUNTU has been a complete failure. I wonder what right MS has to deny me access to my computer! Windows 8 is the biggest mistake I’ve ever made and I am definitely ready to abandon MS completely, forever even if it includes the cost of buying another new laptop to do it. WORST OS EVER!!!

  5. Truly the WORST OS I have ever used in my entire life. My brother just bought a new laptop which came infected with Windows 8, I fooled around with it for the past 30 mins and absolutely HATE IT! Being forced to use a Tablet GUI when the damn thing is installed on a LAPTOP is just one of the stupidest things Microsoft has ever pulled in history.

    I will never upgrade to this POS OS! I’m gonna stick to Windows 7 for as long as I can cause you lose all freedom with WIndows 8. Everything is so different that a Windows user will not know where to go, how to navigate through it and be completely lost! I mean geez, you might as well just convert to a Mac user!

    Goodjob at killing the Windows OS, Microsoft. You failed MISERABLY! This is Windows ME and Vista failure COMBINED!


    • ConsideringLinux says:


      cant stop laughing at “came infected with windows 8”

  6. It is the worst! I may return the laptop and go back to my old Acer that has 7 installed .

  7. Braeden Smith says:

    Windows 8 is the worst operating system I have ever used. I find it almost impossible to use it on a laptop. Microsoft is stabbing anyone who appreciates the idea of a PC in the back with this BS. If I wanted a tablet I would have gotten a freaking tablet! The idea that Windows 8, touch screens and chrome books are the future of the personal computer makes me both depressed and enraged at the same time.

  8. Hey you all fools…. How much google pay you to write?

    Do not trust these jokers…. Not they cannot able to say anything about performance or other thing… so just criticizing windows for nothing…. These are pack of fools who work on windows, watch movies on windows…. do 90% of their computing task on windows and then criticize it

    • ConsideringLinux says:

      thats the point, we have all loved and supported windows for 20 years, then they turn around and suddenly try to restrict what software we can use (including os), and empty our pockets at the same time.

      This is much more than just being irritated by a poorly designed os (but yes, the performance is stellar), this is a big company, with a big market share, turning the screws and trying to close a platform.

      Open Source is going to be the way to go, i can see myself using firefox and openoffice on linux in the next few years.

  9. I’ve been using windows for a long time and it sucked more and more. Consequently, we began to buy apple products. While our pc with windows 7 makes more and more problems, our macbooks work perfectly! I must say that I never had compatibility problems or I could not get a mac-compatible version of any program. I also must admit that I use windows 7 on bootcamp on my macbook, but just for gaming. I installed it for free as we still had the windows 7-disc from our pc. Compared with mac osx any windows os is hell. I even bought an ipad so I can avoid using windows at the school computers.

  10. I saw it for the first time, having always used windows xp! It was terrible. I couldn’t even find the programs. The start button wasn’t in the taskbar at the bottom, it’s some kind of ridiculous floating toolbar that disappears when you try to click on it!

    I’ll stick with XP as long as possible. At least it makes sense to me. Why MS$ had to take a good thng and ruin it is beyond me.

  11. kevin blake says:

    i bought a new laptop with windows 8 for my sister. she almost had a meltdown trying to figure how it works. she.s no dummy a office manager for a large HMO. i wish i bought her one with windows 7. microsoft will lose all the baby boomers like myself because of this OS.
    please change it or off to apple we go.
    thak you sincerly
    kevin blake

  12. Christopher says:

    Windows 8 is one of the best Operating Systems out there (in 3rd place, in 2nd place Mac OSX 10.8, 1st Windows 7)for me i got used to it within the first 3 days.Me I hate Macs but I made a notation on that built on research. If anyone thinks different BY ALL MEANS TELL ME! There are third party software makers that may have something. Everyone needs to let it grow (update) until it is the best OS out there I know this is an article based on sharing each other’s opinions.SO STOP WHINING AND KEEP TRYING IT AT THE DISPLAY CASES. Then get your own for home if your mind changes

    • Christopher says:

      On the Third party software notation i mean start button software.
      Or if ou have windows 8 pro you can downgrade to windows 7 pro

  13. I have uesd all the windows operateing systems and liked them ,except windows 8, big falure on there part , its not user firendly at all , they over thought it this time,

  14. Vace MacLaren says:

    I’ve been using microsoft OSs since DOS, win 3.11, win98, xp, 7. All were fine. If you didn’t think the later versions you could always revert to “classic view” and it would look and function more or less like win95, and if you didn’t like the new silly MS office you could get Openoffice and be happy and productive as you always have been.

    Today I needed a new computer in a hurry because the one I was using finally failed, so I ran out to walmart and grabbed a cheapie. All they had were windows 8 machines. I got it back to the office and….. it just didn’t work. I couldn’t get the blasted thing to do anything. Very sparse control panel with no classic view. I briefly considered a linux install but not sure one can even do that kind of thing with this black box. I took it back and begged the kid at Walmart to take it back and they did, thank God. Now I am looking around for a used machine with windows 7 so I can get back to work on Monday.

    The problem here is that microsoft in its imperial wisdom forgot that people who use computers actually use them for WORK; not entertainment. Our livelihoods depend on a reliable and USEABLE machine that gets the work done. If I wanted a phone I would get a phone.

    Avoid Windows 8 at all costs. Total junk. Fail.