Lil Wayne Butchers “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” During Game 6 of the NLCS (VIDEO)

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Well, at least it wasn’t “The Star Spangled Banner.” You get a lot more criticism when you butcher the national anthem.

When you ruthlessly destroy “Take Me Out to the Ball Game,” people are a lot more forgiving. It’s the seventh-inning stretch and most people in the crowd have a few beers in them. When the home team is winning, the mood is even better. You can pretty much go out, forget most of the words, scream “the OLD…BALL…GAME!” at the end and you’ll get to leave to an ovation.

That said, it’s still kind of hard to forgive Lil Wayne for this horrendously bad rendition of the song during last night’s Game 6 of the National League Championship Series (which the San Fransisco Giants won, forcing a Game 7). Weezy is a professional recording artist–you’d expect him to at least be able to sing in something resembling in tune.

He didn’t seem too upset about his performance, though. Afterwards, he tweeted this:

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