Madonna Really Knows How To Piss Off Her Own Fans (VIDEO)

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Here’s a recipe for getting the people who paid to see you in concert boo you in person and then take to Twitter to complain about how much your show sucked:

1. Show up three hours late with no explanation.

2. Pretend to shoot guns into the crowd in a city that just experienced a horrific mass killing in a theater.

Madonna hit both points at her concert last night at the Pepsi Center in Denver, Colorado.

Fans were already turning from antsy to flat-out angry when she finally took to the stage three hours after her concert’s scheduled start. To be fair to her, though, she’s usually late. It’s a pretty typical rockstar move and her fans should probably have known that it was unrealistic to expert her on-stage at the listed start time of 8 p.m.

Madonna’s next move was inexcusable, however. She opened the show with the song “Gang Bang,” which she has performed on other stops on her MDNA tour. The performance of the song includes blaring sirens and Madonna pretending to shoot at the audience with guns.

Pointing guns. At the crowd. In Denver.

Yeah… maybe you should consider cutting that song for your Denver concer, Madonna. Or, at the very least, tone it down. Don’t just go out and expect everything to be fine, though. That’s shows a ridiculous lack of awareness and tastefulness.

Video of the performance is below.

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2 Responses to Madonna Really Knows How To Piss Off Her Own Fans (VIDEO)

  1. Those people were not her fans; they would expect this from Madonna had they been fans!

    • What a stupid fu**ing b*tch How can such as Has-been think she can treat fans that way? And Billy…why would anyone expect her to be so inconsiderate. I was considerate enough to pay way more for her tickets than the experience was worth. Last geriatrics tour I attend.