Tom Hanks Drops An F-Bomb On ‘Good Morning America’ (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Good Morning America

Appearing on Good Morning America this morning to promote Cloud Atlas, the Wachowski Starship-directed movie he’s starring in, Tom Hanks made a bit of a boo-boo.

The man who has been called America’s male sweetheart briefly slipped into a weird character (one that he warned is mostly just profane words) and then accidentally dropped an F-bomb on live television.

Hanks immediately realized what he’d done and began apologizing profusely, just as Tom Hanks would.

Take a look:

“Next time I’m on this show, there will be a 7-second delay,” Hanks joked, as he tried to laugh off the mistake.

Hanks also took to Twitter after the show to offer yet another apology for the slip-up:

Apart from a few uptight moms, is anyone really offended by this stuff at this point? These days, seems like there’s an F-bomb dropped on live TV every few weeks and we all love to watch it on YouTube after it happens. That gross mustache on Hanks’ upper lip might be more offensive than what he said.

Hanks’ image won’t be hurt at all by this–if anything, it could serve to humanize him a little bit (though he’s done such a great job of managing his image that he already appears to be one of the most grounded acting superstars).

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