Who Wants To Own Michael Jordan’s Expired Credit Card?

Photo credit: GoldinAuctions.com

How much would you pay to own an American Express credit card once owned by the greatest basketball player to ever live, Michael Jordan? The card is autographed (as all credit cards are), but it can’t be used to make any baller purchased because it expired back in 2005.

Let’s start the bidding at, say, $20.

That’s what I would pay for this card. It’s probably what a lot of people would pay. The autograph is good to have, I suppose, and the fact that it was once owned by His Airness is a pretty cool story. I just don’t see the point in paying a lot of money for something that’s just a novelty. This isn’t even the card that he owned back when he was going through his crazy gambling addiction phase–this is a card from 2005.

There are collectors out there who disagree, though. As of today, the card is being auctioned on GoldinAuctions.com and the bidding it already up to just over $1,200 (barely above the $1,000 minimum bid). There are still 30 days of bidding to go, though, so the price could increase pretty dramatically over that time–no one comes in with their final bid on day one.

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