This Might Actually Be The Worst Song Ever, Also Might Be From Space (VIDEO)

There have been a lot of contenders for the title of worst song ever in recent years (the rise of YouTube has had more than a little to do with that), but this one might actually be the worst. It’s bad on levels we’ve never seen nor heard. Maybe it’s the future of music, or maybe it’s the end of music.

The song is called “Wilder” and it’s by a mysterious artist who goes by the name of Gnesa (how is one supposed to pronounce that? Is it like the word “gnat,” with a silent G?). Very little is known about Gnesa, but her Facebook page says that she lives in New York City and works for something called “Gnesa Music Inc.” Sounds legit.

If this video goes viral (and it’s already well on its way), a lot of people are going to compare Gnesa to Rebecca Black (of “Friday” fame). Let me be the first to say that that comparison is tremendously unfair to Black. As far as we know, Black is capable of dressing herself, feeding herself and speaking sentences. I don’t think the same can necessarily be said of Gnesa.

Frankly, I’m a bit disturbed by the fact that so few people are pointing out the fact that Gnesa is clearly a space alien. Listen to that song again. The dissonant chords. The weird la-la-la warbling sounds she (or should I say “it”) makes at the beginning and throughout the song. The bizarre and shiny outfits she’s wearing. This has to be some kind of message that Gnesa is sending back to her home planet. There’s no other explanation!

I’d write a concluding paragraph to this article, but I’m heading down to my bunker to prepare for the inevitable alien invasion. I’d suggest that you do that same.

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2 Responses to This Might Actually Be The Worst Song Ever, Also Might Be From Space (VIDEO)

  1. Michael Werth says:

    I could not even get through the first 58 seconds (which I can never get back, thx).

  2. THIS is a MASTERPIECE. She changed my life. EVERYTHING. I am ready for the invasion, because it’s gonna be SO MUCH FUN. Thank you GNESA! LA LA LA LA LA