The Pirate Bay Goes Cloud, Can No Longer Be Raided By The Feds

The Pirate Bay, the world’s most famous and most influential torrent site, has announced that it’s making a major change aimed at defending it from police and other government authorities.

Like pretty much everything in tech today, it’s going to the cloud.

As of yesterday, The Pirate Bay will no longer live on physical servers. Instead, it will serve up its torrents from various cloud hosting providers around the world. The team behind TPB says that this will lower costs and make the site function better, but the most obvious benefit will be that it will make the site nearly impervious to police raids. There will no longer be any servers for authorities to take in a raid.

The move should also help with continuous data protection for users protect user. The cloud dedicated server hosting providers used by TPB don’t actually know they are hosting the site. This is because not everything was moved to the cloud. The TPB team is maintaining a physical load balancer and transit-routers (each of which are in different countries). These add a layer of protection and secrecy that is vital to users who don’t necessarily use TPB for entirely legal means.

The big switch happened yesterday and it resulted in five minutes of downtime, something few users even noticed.

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