A-Rod Gets Pulled From Game 1, Spends Time Flirting With Fans

Photo credit: Associated Press

Yankees third baseman Alex Rodriguez is having a pretty terrible postseason. He’s striking out at the plate and Yankees manager Joe Girardi has had enough–he yanked his highly-paid player from Game 1.

One area where A-Rod definitely isn’t striking out, however, is with the women. After getting pulled from the game, A-Rod didn’t get angry. He didn’t sulk. He didn’t even really appear to care. Instead, he started chatting and flirting with a pair of female fans near the Yankees’ dugout.

The New York Post reports that A-Rod spotted two fairly attractive, young women two rows behind the Yanks’ dugout. He sent them a ball with instructions to write their numbers on it and pass it back to him. The women were reportedly hesitant at first, but one scribbled something on the ball and sent it back.

Not exactly the actions you would like to see from a professional athlete in a high-stakes game. This story certainly won’t do anything to deflect the criticism that A-Rod has repeatedly faced that he doesn’t have the mental make-up of a champion.

“I was absolutely stunned that [A-Rod] would not be focusing on such a critical game, supporting his teammates, and was instead more interested in adding another couple of phone numbers to what must be a very, very large collection,’’ a witness told the Post.

The Post notes that, once shortstop Derek Jeter broke his ankle and dampened the spirits in the Yankees clubhouse, A-Rod stopped flirting.

Still, can the Yankees go back to their golden boy, who has been anything but golden during these playoffs, after this?

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