NBC Cancels Dane Cook’s Crappy New Show Before Airing Even One Episode

Photo credit: NBC

When new TV shows get canceled after airing only a few episodes, it’s a big deal on Hollywood blogs. People love to read about failure and to pile on the unfortunate folks who experience it (LOL at those losers!). When a show gets canceled after only one episode, it gets its name recorded for all eternity–or as long as Wikipedia stick around, at least.

If you’re the kind of person who loves to read about failure, this is the story for you.

There’s a new record for fastest cancellation of a TV show and it belongs to “comedian” Dane Cook. His sitcom has been canceled before airing even a single episode.

Cook has never been one to follow the road paved by those before him, so perhaps its fitting that his show was canceled in this way. Cook is a professional comedian who somehow managed to forge a career telling jokes without ever telling a single, funny joke. He just got on stage, said things very loudly, made dumb shapes with his hands and somehow people paid to see him. Those people are stupid, but there are enough of them that NBC briefly thought that it would be a good idea to give him his own show.

The show was called Next Caller and it was to have been about Dane Cook’s life as a radio shock jock who gets unwittingly paired with a feminist co-host. Ugh.

Mercifully, NBC sobered up and decided to save the world from a lot of terrible, awful, excruciating Cook-brand “comedy.” Though four episodes of the show were produced, none will ever see the light of day.

Perhaps the best news of all is that Jeffrey Tambor was cast on Next Caller and it was going to prevent him from being full involved in the new season of Arrested Development that’s in production. Now, he can focus on being George Bluth once again!

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