Watch Missouri Guard Keion Bell Dunk Over Six People (VIDEO)

This is like something out of NBA Jam. You should have to turn power-ups on before you get the ability to get vertical like this.

At Mizzou’s Midnight Madness event, 6’4 guard Keion Bell put on a show in a dunk contest. He took a short run and then jumped over not one, not two, not three… let’s skip ahead a bit in the interest of saving time… but six people to jam home the one-hander and win the contest. Everyone went nuts, which is usually how things go at dunk contests.

This isn’t the first time Bell has performed the dunk. In fact, he’s done it over not one, not two seven people before, back when he played at Pepperdine. The video of that dunk is worth watching, too.

Haters have pointed out that Bell got a bit of help by pushing off the first guy’s back, but should that really subtract from the greatness of this dunk? You decide.

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