Sony Nexus X Leaks? (PHOTOS)

It’s October and it’s Nexus season, which means that new phone and tablet news just doesn’t stop coming. It’s a right time to be a follower of technology.

Just minutes ago, images leaked which appear to show a Sony-made Nexus phone. We’ve already seen extensive images (and even a review) of the rumored LG Nexus 4–perhaps the most leaked phone in history. There were rumblings that it wouldn’t be the only Nexus phone to be unveiled this fall, however. Now, that appears to be true.

At least, if you believe these images are real.

A mysterious Picasa album was just discovered and it seems to contain two images of a phone called the Sony Nexus X. This falls in line with the rumors that Sony would be getting into the Nexus game with a phone based on its Xperia X. The tags used for the photos are “google, nexus, nexus x, sony, xperia, sony nexus, xperia nexus,” so they would seem to confirm this rumor.

Is the phone in these photos the final Sony Nexus X (or Sony Xperia Nexus), or is it just a prototype? Or, is it an elaborate fake? There are already many who are shouting “Photoshop!” about these photos.

Only time will tell if the photos are legit. We’ll keep you updated.

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