New iPod Touch, Nano Slimmer, Lighter, More Powerful, Better

Apple’s done it again. By releasing new and awesome versions of the iPod Touch and Nano, they’ve made existing owners feel like their devices are unbearably outdated. See, iPhone owners, it’s not just you.

The new 5th Generation iPod Touch is taller, thinner, and lighter than its predecessor. It comes with new earbuds (called “EarPods”) and is available in a wide variety of colors. Yes, you can still get the Touch in white and black, but you can also opt for blue, yellow, pink, silver, grey, or red.

Under the hood, the new iPod Touch also boasts a much faster processor which helps the device open and close applications quicker. Shutdown speeds are also dramatically improved: it now takes 21 seconds instead of the 4th Generation’s 32 seconds to complete the process.

As if that wasn’t enough, the 5th Generation iPod Touch also features improved front- and rear-facing cameras. The older model shot 720p high-definition video, while the 5th Gen bumps that up to full HD 1080p. Pictures also look significantly better.

There are three different 5th Generation iPod Touches to choose from: 16GB ($249), 32GB ($299), and 64GB ($399). If you’re not convinced the improvements are all that and a bag of chips, then you can buy each version of the 4th Generation Touch for $50 less.

The 7th Generation Nano has also received a major facelift, with Apple dismissing the 6th Generation’s square, clip design for the original rectangular build. At 31 grams this is one very light device that will fit, well, anywhere.

Unlike the Touch, the new Nano comes with a unique and simplified operating system. It will also be available in a wide range of colors, though that’s not new to the Nano. However, the colors have been given a tweak, with softer pastels the new go-to.

The new Nano also boasts built-in Nike+ functionality, meaning it can track the distance of your walks or runs.

Unlike the Touch, there’s just one version of the Nano: 16GB for $149. A solid deal.

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