LG Nexus 4 Review Posted Before Phone Is Even Announced

We’ve reached the point where tech bloggers and readers of tech blogs are so hungry for the newest, coolest  mobile device (especially if you can get a free cellular phone with a contract) that reviews are getting written and posted for phones that don’t even exist yet. Seriously.

Yesterday, we wrote about the leaked images of the LG Nexus 4 (or LG Optimus Nexus, maybe–reports say no name has been chosen yet) that appeared on Belarussian tech blog Onliner. That site has now taken things one step further–into complete absurdity–and posted a review of the phone (it’s in Russian, but Chrome will translate the page for you should you wish to read it). And tech blogs all over the place are linking to the review and discussing it! And so am I!

Remember: this is a phone that has not been officially unveiled. We don’t know for sure that it will ever be unveiled. It’s a review of a possibility.

Admittedly, it looks increasingly likely that LG and Google will unveil this device later this month. But, nothing is yet set in stone. To post a review at this point is absurd. For all we know, the phone that the Onliner people got their hands on is simply a prototype. It’s almost certainly lacking at least some of the software features that will be present in the final version of the phone (indeed, Onliner’s review says that the phone is very buggy). It’s not a unit fit for review.

Is this desperation for details about the next coolest, newest, most desireable phone the result of the disappointment that stemmed from the iPhone 5’s unveiling? Has the mobile tech world plateaued and are we all so hungry for some kind of new, inspiring technology that we now find ourselves rabidly drooling over the most unsubstantiated of phone rumors (and then quickly turning on any device that doesn’t blow us out of the water with innovation)?

It definitely seems like we’re approaching “peak phone,” if we aren’t there already. Google Glass can’t come out fast enough.

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