Bus Driver Delivers Most Devastating Uppercut Ever (VIDEO)

Photo credit: Mortal Kombat

It’s not exactly clear what led to the fight in the video below, as everyone is already pretty riled up when the video starts. It seems like the (teenage?) girl probably instigated things, and the bus driver just reached the end of his rope, but we really have no way of knowing. All we can say for sure is that something off-camera caused a passenger and a bus driver to start screaming at each other like a bunch of spoiled brats.

Then, things escalated. Rapidly. And violently. And, sort of, awesomely.

Let’s go the tape:

I want so bad to say that that uppercut was awesome, but I just can’t really set aside the fact that a grown man should never, ever physically strike a woman (or anyone, really). His rationale of “she wanna be a man, I’m gonna treat her like a man” isn’t exactly going to hold up in court.

No matter what that woman did (and all we really saw her do was shove the driver), you can’t say that the right course of action was to sock her in the mouth. That bus driver deserves whatever punishment is coming to him, be it the loss of his job or (and the woman in the video constantly threatens in her whiny voice) jail time.

Still, that uppercut… that is some video games stuff, right there! Mike Tyson only dreams of landing uppercuts as clean and devastating as that.

Also, credit to the woman for getting back to her feet and continuing the fight after taking that blow. That’s a strong jaw she has.

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  1. And sort of awesomely love it !!