Natalie Portman Looks Hot (But Also Less-Than-Impressed) On Set Of New Terrence Malick Movie (PHOTOS)

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Natalie Portman isn’t exactly known as a blonde bombshell, but that’s exactly how she looks on the set of the movie she’s currently shooting.

Getting some help from dyed hair and a pushup bra, Portman was caught looking super hot (but also less-than-impressed) in between takes on the set of the untitled Terrence Malick movie she’s working on. Maybe the heat of working with a director as intense as Malick is getting to her. Then again, maybe she’s just pissed off at the paparazzo who was snapping pics of her.

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It isn’t clear what role Portman is playing in the film, or what the film is even about, but we can definitely say that the 31-year-old actress looks amazing. She had a baby just over a year ago, so she has definitely been doing her sit-ups in the meantime.

We can also probably conclude that she’s dressed like this for good reason. Malick is one of the greatest directors of our time. He’s also one of the most enigmatic, having directed only six feature films over the course of his four-decade career (including The Thin Red Line, The Tree of Life). He’s either taking the longest vacations ever or he’s doing a crapload of pre-production like only a crazed genius director would do.

Portman’s already won an Academy Award for Best Actress (Black Swan), but working with Malick certainly can’t hurt her chances of scooping up another gold statue.

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