Paul Ryan Is Just Getting His Swole On At The Gym, Bro (PHOTOS)

Joe Biden has been called an everyman. He’s been called the most down-to-earth Vice President of all time. He’s also been called the goofiest, but I digress. The guy is easy to relate to.

Republican VP candidate Paul Ryan has something to say about that, though. If Mitt Romney is elected this fall, Biden’s legacy will give way to a new champion in the category of VP of regular dude stuff. Paul Ryan is a bro, through and through. In fact, he might be taking things just a smidge too far.

Ryan has been called the “frattiest veep candidate ever” and he sure isn’t expending any effort to counter this argument. Quite the opposite. Just look at these ridiculous photos of Ryan getting his swole on at the gym:

Photo credit: Gregg Segal / TIME

Photo credit: Gregg Segal / TIME

Photo credit: Gregg Segal / TIME

Look at that second photo. Just look at it! Ryan is literally the douchebag who works out next to the mirror so he can check himself out. Would you vote for that guy?

These photos were taken last year, when TIME named Ryan a runner-up in its Person of the Year issue. The article about Ryan made mention of his fitness regime (he’s a P90X guy) and the photos reflected that, I guess.

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