Very Smart Man Tries To Rob Bank, Is Foiled Because Bank Is Closed

Stuff is closed on Columbus Day. You know that. I know that. Criminals know that.

Not this guy, though. Though he was arrested and is technically a criminal, it’s probably more accurate to call him a would-be criminal. He never actually got to pull off the crime he had carefully planned.

According to police in Boston, Carlos Leger, 39, was spotted by a cop trying to enter a bank of Columbus Day. He was wearing blue latex gloves and his face was obscured by sunglasses and a hat. Basically, he looked super sketchy.

The cop saw Leger standing at the locked door of the closed bank, looking like an idiot who just realized that his careful planning wasn’t exactly careful enough.

Officers apprehended him and searched him. He had a note on him that read, “Give Me All The Money. No Dye Pack.” He also had an empty pillow case–for all the dye-free cash he was expected to be handed, I guess.

Just whom Leger thought was going to read the note is undetermined. If he had managed to get inside the bank, he would have found an empty bank and no one to hand his carefully-worded note. Maybe he could have left it on the counter and then come back the next day.

Leger is set to be arraigned for attempted unarmed robbery. I hope they let him go. The embarrassment of what he did should be punishment enough.

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