NFL Stat Change Awards Ben Roethlisberger A Touchdown Pass In Week 5

Photo credit: Peter Diana/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

It’s pretty difficult to win a fantasy football game on a Wednesday, because, you know, they don’t play real football on Wednesdays and fantasy football kind of relies on living and breathing humans to go out on the field and score some real points.

A bunch of fantasy owners are going to win their games today, however. Elias Sports Bureau, the company in charge of the official NFL stats, has issued a pretty significant stat change for Week 5.

Pittsburgh Steelers running back Rashard Mendenhall took a pitch from quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and rushed for a 13-yard touchdown in his team’s game against the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday. At least, that’s how the play was scored initially.

According to ESPN’s Matthew Berry, one of the biggest names in the fantasy sports world, the play is being changed to a pass:

If you look closely, it does appear that the ball was pitched forward, which changes the play from a rush for Mendenhall to a reception. See for yourself; here’s the video of the play.

In non-PPR leagues, the play will have the exact same fantasy score for Mendenhall owners (it’s worth 6 points plus the yardage). It’s a huge change for quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, though. He goes from 0 points on the play to 4.52 points in standard leagues (4 points for the touchdown pass plus the yardage). For a bunch of fantasy teams, this is going to mean the difference between losing their week 5 matchup and winning it.

The stat change won’t be processed until tomorrow on most fantasy football sites (ESPN, Yahoo!, etc.), so don’t expect to log in right now and see anything different than you saw earlier today.

If you’re a Big Ben owner who lost by fewer than 4.52 points, however, go out and buy some balloons and streamers. You are about to accomplish the very rare feat of winning a fantasy football game in the middle of the week.

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