Michael Phelps is Better Than You at Everything (VIDEO)

Michael Phelps is better than you. You might as well just accept it and move on. And it’s not just because he swims like a human torpedo and sleeps on a giant pile of solid gold medals, either. No, it’s because Phelps makes everything he does look yawn-inducingly easy. He even somehow manages to make farting in a bathtub look sexy and sophisticated.

Photo credit: Louis Vuitton

Speaking of yawn-inducing, Michael has recently made a foray into the fast paced, exciting world of professional golf, where he is making even seasoned golfers question their very existence. Today, he was competing at the Dunhill Links Championship in Kingbarns, Scotland, where he dropped a 159-foot putt like it ain’t no thang. I’m sorry that I just used the phrase ‘ain’t no thang’, but I’m just trying to do this putt justice.

The Daily Mail even claims that this just may have been the world’s longest televised putt. Dude’s just breaking records all over the place.

Here, watch this video and feel bad about your paltry accomplishments:

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